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Často kladené otázkyFrequently asked questions

Why don't you put any of the concerts on Youtube?

It is a matter of complex copyrights concerning relations to diverse producers of the pieces that are presented at our concerts. These rights furthermore include the respective artists, i.e. their interpretations of the given musical pieces. What we do publish on Youtube are short samples of the concerts that you can view in our archive. Also BerlinPhil does this in a similar way.

For the reasons described above we are not allowed to publish any Slovak Philharmonic recordings on any social networks. However, you are very welcome to share weblinks to our concerts (to be found in our online archive).

We would like to watch the SP concerts on SmartTV.

So would we. We would love to act in a way the institutions such as Vienna State Opera, or BerlinPhil do their streaming, however our 3-member team simply cannot compare to their (larger) teams in terms of technical equipment and human capital. There are no resources for such luxury just yet. The matter of our concerts being available for viewing on mobile devices had been more urgent. However, we cooperate with the Žilina University, with the aim of getting student’s help and support in regards of creating such an app. At the moment this seems to be the only way towards viewing or content on devices like SmartTV.

What kind of resolution is available for the concerts in your archives?

Concerts from the Small Hall are in nHD (640x360 pixels) and concerts from the Concert Hall are in qHD(960x 540 pixels) with a 16:9 image ratio.