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1st Round – List of Participants

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Due to the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the organizers decided to change the Competition Rules of the 10th Johann Nepomuk Hummel International Piano Competition: The 1st round has taken place online based on the evaluation of video recordings with the repertoire (played by heart) stated by the competitor in the application form.

Olga ALBASINI GARAULET (Spain / Sweden)
Miloš BIHÁRY (Slovak Republic)
Robert BILY (Czech Republic)
Lizaveta BORMOTOVA (Belarus / Austria)
Yi-Yang CHEN (Taiwan / USA)
Young Sun CHOI (South Korea)
Anastasiia CHZHAN (Russia / Germany)
Anna GAÁLOVÁ (Czech Republic)
Sunah KIM (South Korea / Austria)
Bohdan KOVAL (Ukraine / Slovak Republic)
Anhelina KYDORA (Ukraine / Slovak Republic)
Shinho LEE (South Korea / Germany)
Maria MATVEEVA (Russia / United Kingdom)
Leo de MARÍA (Spain)
Tsubasa MIKAMI (Japan / Germany)
Lilianna OLIINYK (Ukraine / Slovak Republic)
Ladislav PALKOVIČ (Slovak Republic)
Simon POPP (Germany / Switzerland)
Pavol PRAŽENICA (Slovak Republic / Czech Republic)
Danylo SAIENKO (Ukraine)
Dmytro SHEVCHENKO (Ukraine)
Alina SHMAKOVA (Russia)
Julian STANNY (Poland)
Eliška TKADLČÍKOVÁ (Czech Republic)
Boris UZUNOV (Bulgaria)
Jan WACHOWSKI (Poland)
Zifan YE (China / Germany)
Yuliya YERMALAYEVA (Belarus)
Kaiwen ZHAO (China / Austria)
Matouš ZUKAL (Czech Republic)